Slow Release

by Night Noise Team

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Some press/on-line reaction:

''Broken Kingdom' makes me feel like I’m on Xanax and moving in slow motion...If you don’t like what everyone else likes, buy this album. Personally I love it' (Sonic Shocks)

'What unifies the album is Sean Ormsby's tremulous and tremendous vocals which lend a lovely darkness to the album, even when the music moves you to clap your hands and stamp your feet.' (Scots Whay Hae blog)

'Such a wide range of sound only works if executed with careful thought and great panache, and NNT possess both qualities in abundance. (Grounds for Appeal blog)

''Drifting' is a brilliant track, a weary indie-gothic hallucination' (

Speaking of the release, vocalist / guitarist Sean Ormsby said:
''Slow Release' is a trawl through the city's psyche that touches on paranoia, despair and euphoria. Sometimes it wants to sit and reflect, sometimes dance and forget.'


released May 9, 2011

written by Ormsby/Pinardon
with contributions from Walton/Morelli/Walker
produced by Pinardon
additional production by Ormsby
mixed and mastered by Pinardon

Sean Ormsby: voice, guitar
Fabien Pinardon: bass, guitar, keys
Marco Morelli: lead guitar
Mike Walker: drums

Additional musicians:
Scott Orr: guitar
Carey Walton: guitar
Stephen McLaren: keys and vocals




all rights reserved


Night Noise Team Edinburgh, UK

NNT filters a love of funk, chansons-style ballads, guitar shapes and the dancefloor. This soundclash happens by the sea in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland. Two incomers, Frenchman Fabien Pinardon and Sean Ormsby from the north of Ireland have written, recorded, arranged, played, produced, mixed and released tracks from 2007. Others have helped along the way... ... more

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Track Name: The Gift
Your voice springs up like hope inside my sorry head tonight.
You take it tenderly, the blackout will correct the light.

At least we were there (at the death of romance)
My heart was caged and left (with no compass)
Tried to escape from my chest (I won't ignore you)
Just want to say 'we've got something for you'.

Your wrist, your mouth give you away,
You take it quietly.
Your lips, your shout remake
the strange gift that you gave to me.

At least we were there...

But you wouldn't behave.
We're cracking up in the twilight you gave me
and the future's a forgotten song
somewhere beyond your beautiful horizon.
Track Name: You Won
Standing on your own with a sundress on
staring at the sea.
Your voice is flat and there's no way back.
No way that I can see.

You won the war cos you run the war.

Leaning on a pier in the Orly sun
the people looked away.
I didn't have to run cos I knew you'd come
and I'd knew you'd walk away.

You don't change.
I'm the same....
Track Name: Doors Are Closed
You were there with the sun in your eyes
and the day stretched out in front of me.
You took a breath and you started to laugh,
you said the dawn was making fun of me.
You looked up at the snakeskin sky and said
our love was a false economy.
Saving face, not wasting time
and the streets can't hide the sun from me.

The doors are closed, the coach is full.
We're moving on to cheaper thrills
and to exchange this window for a perfect view
of cornershop and something new.
When I say that we can't fail, what I mean to say is
'we can't afford to'.

Citylost when I arrived, didn't know what it would want from me.
Disappeared in the city light but I knew it was coming on to me.
Looked up at the snakeskin sky and said our love was a false economy.
Saved face, not wasting time and the streets can't hide the sun from me.

It's just nine in the morning,
we're drinking wine in the morning,
the last of those false beginnings wakes us up.
Track Name: All Brutal Common Sense
In this vibrating dawn (it's pointless without you)
and all the drugs we're on.
My little absinthe dreams,
love's pyramidal schemes.

When the people in the stair
double-lock themselves inside
its tight pose they play so close
in tighter living rooms beside them.

From Friday's waking breath
to Sunday's gloaming death,
the graveyard's wooden bench,
all brutal common sense.

When the buildings lock in time
caught in that transitory rush,
absent and sublime,
headphones anaesthetise me...

Headlights paralyse me.
What my head knows won't jeopardise me
but today, headphones, please anaesthetise me.
Track Name: Burning
My camera eye is fixed on this slow-motion bliss
but I'm not part of this.
Through the gears we shift, careless and detached
and we're not coming back.

There's a light in my window burning for you
every night, though you don't know,
it's burning for you
and my delicate pride is turning dangerous
and disturbing.

First the waking dream
next the latest thing
but there's no reckoning.
Through the gears we switch, careless and detached
but if we're not part of this.Who is?

I walk down the street discreetly,
next door's curtains twitch to meet me,
cars and buses conspire to keep me in my place.
Track Name: Menolick
I got my head examined
I've got my bed inside Temazepam.
It sings to sleep the unfurnished soul.

All our lies are retrospsective
and your logic is way defective.
You're embarrassed to admit you've lost control.

My memory
so long
it can't be
short as your temper
It just disintegrates and then mutates
Creeps up like December.

Your hair the colour of the sand
The sand the colour of my dreams
My dreams the colour of your walls
Your walls like nothing I had seen.

Is this a strict biography?
You'd add my picture when we met.
I can't believe that you can see
some kind of beauty in this mess.
Track Name: Drifting
But I'm not you (and I'm drifting)
I don't want to (but I'm drifting)

I read the sky, I read the stars
in the graveyard quiet, the night-time scars.

I read the sky, I read the void
but I won't cross to the other side.

Taxis cruise in threes and twos,
the wind plays a paralysed street.
A joint descent, the coffee spilt.
Our best regrets.
Track Name: Canonmills Gothic
Before he's sober the knife goes in his heart.
Roll him over when the bleeding starts
There's a distant voyeuristic spark,
my cigarette penetrating the dark.

...and it glows in the spawn of the streetlamp below
and it grows in the places that we never go.

You know your anger only took you so far,
motor's still running in the getaway car.
I only hope that those shooting stars
at the base of your spine will turn out to be ours.
Track Name: A Parting Shot
I'm inclined, like Dionne sang, to 'Walk on by'.
Where once we lied, now we try to compromise.

A shot that will never be returned, a parting shot
that ricochets in unlikely ways

to this nocturnal field.
An Irish day encircles me in rich geometry.
The filtered due encircles you.

A shot that will never be returned, a parting shot
that ricochets down through the days.
Track Name: Broken Kingdom
I love the quiet man with true anarchy in his heart
and these love songs for complete strangers.

He's on the step when the caffeine rush begins,
coiled tight like Edward G. Robinson.
The grass grows fast on his broken kingdom,
covers the tracks that he's been running on.

His head is swollen, dreams blown out
like a tyre on a sparse highway.
On the hard shoulder, Elvis sings 'My Way'.

Fist embraces bottle. Face embraces skull.
We embrace each other...